Downsizing? Renovating? Liquidating an Estate? Consign your items in excellent condition with us!

Steps to Consigning with Us

Step 1 - Photos

Take photos of items you want to consign. Don't be shy to show what's good about them and what signs of wear they might have.

Step 2 - Measurements

Measure your items (especially important for bulky furniture as we might be tight on space and would need to plan ahead).

Step 3 - Item Details

Note the manufacturer, original purchase date and price of each item. Include any other information needed to determine value!

Step 4 - Submit

Text your photos, measurements and details along with your name to (805) 755-9115, or send an email to

Step 5 - Consign

We generally respond within 2 business days. To speed along the process and familiarize yourself with the consignment conditions, please download our Consignment Agreement and bring it filled out during confirmed delivery.

We only accept items in good condition. If you have specific price expectations, include them in your submission. You may bring items to the store or we can refer your to our mover. Sometimes we do not have space immediately, but can accept items within 2-4 weeks.